Are Radiohead Planning Something Big For The 20th Anniversary Of ‘OK Computer’?

UPDATE: Radiohead have teased an OK Computer anniversary event in a mysterious new video.

ORIGINAL STORY: A series of mysterious posters are leading some Radiohead fans to think the band might be working on something for the 20th anniversary of their super-influential third album, 1997’s OK Computer.

The posters (which look eerily similar to one of the band’s old posters which featured lyrics from OK Computer track ‘Fitter Happier’) have been spotted in cities like Melbourne, Amsterdam, Berlin and London, as well as supposedly in New York and Los Angeles.

The 20th anniversary of OK Computer will take place on 21st May this year, and while the band are yet to confirm any special events for the occasion, there’s plenty of speculation that they’ve got something big in store.

Fans on Reddit are already hyping up the posters, but others are already tearing the posters apart:

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 12.30.35 pm

Artist and longtime Radiohead collaborator Stanley Donwood recently shared some photos of scaffolding being built, although it’s unclear if that’s in any way connected to OK Computer‘s 20th birthday.

While we wait for 21st May, catch a bunch of the mysterious ‘1997-2017’ posters alongside Donwood’s latest Instagram posts, below.

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