Rage Is Bringing Their Top 20 Back To Saturday Mornings

Set your alarm clock, stock up on bacon and eggs and get ready to suck up that hangover, because you just got a reason to get up before lunchtime on the weekend. ABC’s Rage has just disentombed the old school countdown segment and it’s bringing it back to Saturday mornings.

Many pre-millenials will look back fondly on a time when the Saturday AM was spent with a VHS tape at the ready, poised like a sniper to strike the ‘record’ button as soon as your favourite video came on during the ARIA Top 50 Countdown on Rage.

And even though VHS is no longer a thing, the iconic ABC music program is hoping to recapture some of the joy fans used to get from waking up to find out just which infuriating pop song would be at Number One this week – fingers crossed it’s not The Hamster Dance Song again. Never again.

After living up to its name by pissing off fans when the top 50 was axed in mid-2006, Rage has now prepped a new segment called The Chart, which will hit idiot boxes across the nation from this Saturday, 21st March.

“With Rage reviving The Chart get ready to be glued to your screens once more,” a statement posted on Rage’s website said. “The segment will also include chart predictions and appearances from some of the most popular acts of today.”

The show will countdown 20 of the most popular videos from the ARIA singles chart, and air from 6am to 8am, every Saturday on ABC.

And if you still can’t manage to drag yourself out of bed before lunchtime? Catch the re-run on Sundays from 9.30pm on ABC3.

Watch (if you must): Hampton the Hamster – The Hamsterdance Song

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