Triple J Reckons There’s 66 Aussie Artists Placing In The Hottest 100 Tomorrow + More Stats To Get You Hyped

Triple j have shared some stats with us ahead of tomorrow’s Hottest 100 of 2020 to ~build the suspense~.

It’s a huge year to look back on, even aside from the whole coronavirus pandemic thing. It was a massive year for releases as artists made do without gigs.

Now, triple j have spilled on the Hottest 100. They reckon a whopping 66 artists in the countdown are Aussies. That matches 2016’s record of most Aussies in the countdown ever.

Often when dissecting the science behind a Hottest 100 countdown, a common theory is that releasing your song too early in the year is a disservice to your chances. That must not have counted in 2020.

The hottest month of the countdown is actually January… Throwback to the golden days.

There’s a massive 26 artists making their hottest hundy debuts this year. Bugs? Stand Atlantic? Birdz?!

Two artists are celebrating huge with their seventh consecutive years placing. A further six artists are celebrating their fourth runs.

Ahem, Cub Sport, Ocean Alley, DMA’s.

On top of that? Three artists have scored back-to-back songs in this year’s countdown too.

There’ll be 61 F-bombs across 19 tracks in the countdown as well.

Triple j is encouraging listeners to donate to Lifeline this year or grab a shirt.

Have a listen to the main contenders for the countdown below.

Hottest 100 2020 Important Dates

12pm (AEDT) Saturday, 23rd January

Hottest 100 countdown on triple j

10am (local time) Sunday, 24th January

Hottest 200 countdown on triple j

12pm (local time) Monday, 25th January

Hottest 100 of 2000 on Double J

11pm (local time) Friday, 29th January

Hottest 100 videos on rage

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