Rammstein at Rock in Vienna 2016 / Photo: Facebook

Rammstein Unveil New Song ‘Ramm 4’ Live

During their performance in Europe over the weekend, Germany’s Rammstein have taken the opportunity to spray their audience with something a little different to what they’re use to – a new song reportedly dubbed Ramm 4.

The song is about as Rammsteiny as soundwaves can get. Although it’s for sure a slightly more tired Rammstein than we last heard on 2009’s Liebe Ist Für Alle Da, Ramm 4 still packs a punch, rife with call and response word play that has become a staple for the band. What’s more, Ramm 4 does also contain what appears to be a whole bunch of call and response word play from previous Rammstein classics…

But, hey – If it ain’t broke…

We’ve known that Rammstein have been working on new material since October but this has been some rare insight into said material. New tunage from the band has been a long time coming with fans kinda held at bay with frontman Till Lindemann’s solo effort LINDEMANN and a number of records from guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe’s project Emigrate.

WATCH: Rammstein – Ramm4 (New song Live at Gods of Metal, Monza, Italy 02.06.2016)


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