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Rammstein Issue Update On New Album

Rammstein knows your thirst for new tuneage burns hotter than the flaming dildos that adorn their stage show.

But sadly, it looks like you’ll still have to wait a bit before Du Hast a new album.

The German industrial metal lords are officially back in the studio, recording the long-awaited follow-up to their 2009 LP Liebe Ist Für Alle Da.

But according to keyboardist Christian “Flake” Lorenz, it’s been slow going.

“We have started to compile ideas for songs and develop them as a band,” he told Finland’s Kaaos TV (via Blabbermouth).

“It is difficult to say how far along we are, because a lot of the time everything seems to be going well, and then there are days when we just want to start the whole process all over again. That is why there is no objective view about how far [into the making of the new album] we are.”

However, the band did recently debut a new song live. Dubbed Ramm 4the tune contains lyrics that seem to be a combination of various titles of previous Rammstein songs for some reason.

When questioned about why they decided to debut the new track live, Lorenz explained: “We wanted to show the world that we are still together and that we are playing and making new music”.

Hopefully the new LP comes together soon. If only because it’s been almost six long years since Rammstein last graced Aussie stages in all of their dildo-swinging, flame-throwing glory and we’re due for some German pyrotechnic TLC.

Plus, Korn look like they’re about to single-handedly trigger an industrial metal resurgence with their epic new forthcoming album. So with their powers combined, maybe heavy music could soon be ruling the world once again.

WATCH: Rammstein – Ramm4 (New song Live at Gods of Metal, Monza, Italy 2016)

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