Rapper Convicted Of Three Murders, Videos Used As Evidence

Brooklyn-based rapper Ra Diggs has been found guilty on 21 federal charges, including three counts of murder. The 32-year-old was convicted on Thursday on charges that also included drug dealing and racketeering, in a case where his music videos where used as evidence against him.

The New York Times reports that Ra Diggs, real name Ronald Herron, an associate of Waka Flocka Flame, faces life in prison and will be sentenced in October. Prosecutors alleged that Herron was a leader in the local Bloods, running a drug operation out of the Gowanus Houses projects.

Back in April, Music Feeds reported that Herron was initially apprehended after being caught out on a littering charge. During the trial, prosecutors used several of his songs and music videos, some of which featured Flame, as evidence, alleging that his rhymes were literal accounts of his crimes. However, the defence argued that the tracks were fictional accounts of life in Brooklyn.

Herron is convicted of killing three men with ties to drugs. Herron was previously tried at the state level for killing one of the victims, Frederick Brooks, but was acquitted, amid allegations of witness intimidation. According to BET, the details of the case reportedly include an report by one drug dealer who alleged that Herron ordered him to commit murder while dressing in drag as a disguise.

“He styled himself a rap artist, but the jury’s verdict makes clear who Herron really is: a drug dealer and murderer who sought power through fear and intimidation,” said Loretta E Lynch, the United States attorney for the Eastern District of New York. Back in January, Music Feeds’ reported on how NYC cops have taken to keeping tabs on local hip-hop videos as part of their regular procedure.

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