Repressed Records: The Specials Gig, Beasts of Burboun Box Set + More

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Anyone go see the Specials? I’m always skeptical about these re-union shows, and the first 2 songs or so sounded like slickness had replaced youthful energy. Then someone threw an English flag on stage, like Terry Hall was going to dance with it, and he picked it up like it was a turd, dropped it on the ground and said “That place is a fuckin’ shithole. Even worse than Australia. I live in Belgium.” Then people went quiet, booed, told him to piss off a bit, and I thought “suck shit”, and I loved every second from then on and my cynicism faded away. I love stuff like that. Niceties have no place in rock n roll, otherwise go listen to Celine Dion. In saying that, I’d be nice too if I had nothing to say yet people were willing to pay two hundred bucks a ticket to see me. “Thank you soooo much!”

A new Beasts Of Bourbon box set will be out shortly. Should be approximately $55 and you get the first 3 albums remastered: “ Axemans Jazz”, “Sour Mash”, and “Black Milk” with a book and rare photos. Let us know if you want one. They were the best when Kim Salmon was still in I reckon. Coming soon is the new U.V Race 7″ and Jay Retard on cd and lp.

You heard Screaming Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends? It’s pretty good hey. I thought he was some depressing English bloke trying to be funny who was actually just a drunk and a little mad and lonely. He still may be all those things, but he had it balanced well on this album. Stiv Bators “LA Confidential” rules too. It’s a Bomp re-issue, so it goes into unnecessary live stuff etc, but the first few songs are top notch power punk / pop. As is the Dead Boys 2nd album “We Have Come For Your Children”. We have it on LP.

We are expanding our world music, reggae, blues section a bit. Stuff jazz. I reckon I’d like Serge Gainsbourg heaps if I could speak French. If only he was less pretentious and had written songs called Jes Ne Parlez Pa Francais, Parlez-vous l’anglais?, Au revoir and S’il vous Plait so us English speaking normal people could understand. Instead I’m forced to look at him suspiciously as he just may be talking in a negative manner about me.

Our next gig is on September the 18th (Friday) at the Bald faced Stag with Pisschrist and Agents Of Abhorrence from Melbourne, plus Death Cage and Taipan from around the corner. I’m feeling a bit angry and frustrated at the moment: bored with TV, goddamn facebook and “blah says, Every day is a gift”. “Blah is baking cookies! Yumm..” and similar statements it’s better to simply ignore than scream in capital letters “WHO GIVES A SHIT?!” This may be the tonic I need. Tix will be $12. Tickets are available off the website without booking fees etc. The funny thing is, I’m kind of obsessed with looking on facebook for inane comments to make me angry.

We have 2 in-stores coming up. This Friday we have Fangs of TV Evangelists, Blackie from The Hard-Ons and Nunchukka Superfly solo and Bare Arms.

Next Friday the 14th we have Wasted Truth, Pee wee and The Mentally Unstable.

They both start about 5:30 ish and are free and all ages.

A new box of zines and 7″s just came in. The courier knob just dropped them on a table of vinyl. More Stabs, Extortion,Chrome Dome, Middle America, James Arthur on 7′, and Distort, Niche Homo, Human Being Lawnmower, SSEX, Pederast Prophet and other cheap punk things to read. Punks are industrious, hey.

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