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The frenzied, multi-armed corporate juggernaut that is Repressed Records is putting on a show this weekend. And like every good businessman, I’ll take it personally if you don’t attend and I’ll never do it again. What better tonic for the threatened John Farnham comeback than a night of post-punk, doom, dub experimentalism? Fabulous Diamonds, Naked On The Vague, Holy Balm and Onani. Attending will even neutralize the bad karma being delivered to Sydney via the Black Eyed Peas and their novelty songs for the mentally retarded. Saturday the 25th of July at The Sando. $12.

Sold the Gories on ebay this morning. Sucko if you wanted it. Dick Diver from Melbourne are playing in store on Friday the 31st of July. If you like The Triffids, Go-Betweens, The Clean etc, come check it out. It starts 6pmish.

You heard Jim O’Rourke’s “Insignificance”? I reckon it’s an under-rated little gem. More songs, less experimentalism and a wicked, quirky sense of humour. Just so happens we have it in stock too.

I’ve tried getting into early Metallica again post-puberty. All those lightning bolts looked pretty amazing when I was 16. Just those slow, echoing bits where they try to be poignant kinda shit me and I stuck with punk. I saw their song “One” came pretty high on the Triple J Hottest 100 songs of all time. “Landmine, has taken my sight, taken my speech, taken my hearing, taken my arms, taken my legs, taken my soul, left me with life in hell”. I don’t know about you, but this unable to talk yet strangely communicative head and torso on a bed idea kinda pushed the limits of my tolerance. The debut Kill Em All still rules though, but get Slayer “Reign In Blood” instead. We have Master Of Puppets on vinyl.

We have the GG Allin DVD “Hated In The Nation” in. Like me, when you watch it you’ll be really amazed at the small size of his penis. You’ll feel a bit funny watching it with your wife too, and find yourself saying things like “ I think he had bi-polar disorder” as he craps on stage and punches a lady in the head.

New lo-fi pop punk albums from Tyvek and Wavves kinda rule. Talons, The Dacios, the latest Sunn 0))) and Horrors are worth checking out too.

I like Frank Zappa’s “Hot Rats”. Probably cos he shuts up a bit on it. So why doesn’t anyone buy it, or The Swans “Soundtracks for The Blind”, Boris “Akuma No Uta”, The Brainbombs “Obey”, New Bomb turks “Destroy Oh Boy”, The Mummies “Death by Unga Bunga” or Big Black’s “Rich Man’s 8-Track Tape”?

Come and visit Chris and his cronies at 356 King St, Newtown, or check out Repressed Records.com for more  information

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