RHCP Drummer Says He’s Not Done With Will Ferrell, Plans Combined Charity Show

Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith reckons his feud with doppelgänger and comic actor Will Ferrell might not be over quite yet. In a recent Twitter Q&A session, mediated by Rolling Stone, Smith revealed the two are planning a combined music-comedy performance in 2015 in the name of charity.

“I can’t really expound upon details, but we have been talking about doing something next year that will combine music and comedy ­– a show,” Smith told Rolling Stone. “It will benefit the charities that we’re into. Plus, I think I need to redeem myself from how I was robbed of the Golden Cowbell.”

Ferrell was awarded the golden cowbell after defeating Smith in their epic drum battle on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in May. Smith, apparently still feeling the sting from his Tonight Show shellacking, called “shenanigans” on Ferrell’s drum abilities.

“I don’t want to burst any bubbles, but he wasn’t even playing the drums, people! Shenanigans! Call the cops, I’ve been robbed! Yeah, so, it’s not over,” said Smith.

As for their purposed music-comedy show, Smith said he and Ferrell hope to capitalise on the positive response from their Fallon appearance and their subsequent combined charity benefit in September, for which Smith put together an impressive Supergroup.

“We had such a good time, and we were so overwhelmed with the response from our Tonight Show drum-off. Both of us were like, wow,” said Smith. “We raised a lot of money for charity, which was the great thing about it. He has this Cancer for College charity that he champions, and he did an event in Seattle, so I came up there for that too and I put a little band together.”

That little band featured members of Guns N’ Roses, Pearl Jam, and Dave Matthews Band. Although Smith didn’t say if he’d reassemble his supergroup for any future gigs, he did hint at the possibility of getting Metallica‘s Lars Ulrich involved somehow, after Smith and Ferrell challenged Lars to a three-way drum-off in June.

“We got such a kick out of saying we’d battle Lars, who obviously looks nothing like us — this small Danish man. We’re like, “Yeah, that guy really looks like us.” “Yeah, Lars.” All the Metallica fans were like, “Lars will drum circles around you guys,” said Smith.

“I think Lars’ response was really great. He took it and was really fun about it. I don’t know. We’ll figure it out. We’re open to any and everything and anyone that wants to step forward.”

You can relive Smith and Ferrell’s Tonight Show drum battle below.

Watch: Will Ferrell and Chad Smith Drum-Off

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