RHCP’s Josh Klinghoffer Is Sick Of People Comparing Him To John Frusciante

An inevitable part of filling the shoes of a prodigious guitarist considered to be one of the best talents of his generation, Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer has long been compared to the man he replaced in the band.

But Klinghoffer, who worked alongside John Frusciante and has been part of the Chilis for the best part of a decade; has had just about enough of it.

“Of course it gets annoying,” he said in an interview with Metro News (translated via Ultimate Guitar). “On one hand, it’s an honor for me to be part of this band and be mentioned in the same breath as Frusciante.

“But all these comparisons are simply absurd,” he said. Klinghoffer went on to describe people consistently who compare the two as “idiots,” because “we are two totally different people. I have never tried to emulate his technique. And, of course, I was not trying to get him to leave the band.”

The two also collaborated on an album in 2004, and later in the interview he was asked whether he still saw much of Frusciante. “He tried as much as possible to distance himself from the band and I had to learn to live in it. We have not fought, our paths just diverged somehow. I think someday we can talk again.

“It’s not good, and not bad. I would say there’s no relationship at the moment,” he continued – before going on to say that he would “definitely” jump at the chance to make music with Frusciante if the opportunity arose again.

Red Hot Chli Peppers released their eleventh studio album titled The Getaway in June, and have since released a pretty awesome Olivia Wilde-directed video for its lead single Dark Necessities.

Listen: John Frusciante & Josh Klinghoffer – The Afterglow

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