Richie Sambora To Bon Jovi: “Stop With The Trash Talking!”

Since news broke of his departure from his long term role as lead guitarist for Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora has been very tight lipped about the whole thing, unlike his band mate Jon. Recent comments from the frontman have caused Sambora to finally speak up on the issue, and he’s not too pleased about the whole thing.

Having initially cited personal reasons as the catalyst, Bon Jovi recently commented that Sambora has “been through it before” suggesting another bout of rehab, which caused their guitarist to tap out of shows in 2011. This didn’t sit well with Sambora who told MailOnline, “I don’t have any major problems in life right now, I love my fans and I feel bad for them at the moment. Bottom line.”

Sambora seems as unsure as to the real reasons behind the split as the rest of us, explaining, “My opinion is Jon wants to see if he can pull off stadiums by himself. He is making it very difficult for me to come back.”

Though eager for answers, Sambora has had enough of Bon Jovi’s banter on the topic, “Stop with the trash talking!” he starts. “Jon needs to stop talking about me publicly. I am fine working very hard on my fashion company Nikki Rich and this is a private matter.”

Much like with the tour in 2011, Phil X has been tagged to fill in for guitar duties, but Sambora isn’t happy about this either, “[The fans] have paid money to see Bon Jovi and right now, they are not getting the whole deal.”

During his latest interview, Bon Jovi seemed more focused on the future of the band, rather than its present state. “You have a choice” he explained, “you either figure it out, go and grow, not only survive but thrive. Or, you say, ‘I hate my brother and I’m gonna quit the band.'”

The Because We Can tour will hit Australia this December, by which time much of this schoolyard tiff will be done and dusted.

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