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Rick Ross Arrested On Aggravated Assault, Battery And Kidnapping Charges

Rapper Rick Ross has been arrested on charges of aggravated battery, aggravated assault and kidnapping, having been accused of beating a man in his Atlanta home with a handgun and preventing him from leaving.

The Associated Press reports, Ross was arrested Wednesday morning at his Atlanta home by a U.S. Marshals Service fugitive task force and sheriff’s deputies who were forced to bust open the gate to Ross’ mansion after they were refused entry. Ross and his bodyguard, 42-year-old Nadrian James, were then reportedly taken into custody without incident.

The charges against Ross pertain to an alleged incident that occurred at his Atalanta home two weeks ago. The rapper, 39, and his bodyguard are accused of forcing a man, Jonathan Zamudio, into the guesthouse of the home and beating him in the head with a gun, which left him with chipped teeth and a mangled jaw.

“The victim lost use of his jaw and is restricted to soft foods and liquid diet only as a result of not being able to chew food,” an arrest warrant states.

Nadrian James also faces kidnapping and aggravated battery charges, while Ross faces an additional aggravated assault charge, for allegedly using a gun to hit the man in the head and body, and also pointing the weapon at him.

“The victim was then questioned under duress and forced to answer questions at gunpoint,” reads one of the arrest warrants.

The documents reportedly do not elaborate on the events surrounding the attack or the relationship between Ross and the injured man, but TMZ allege Jonathan Zamudio is a groundskeeper at Ross’ Atlanta home.

Ross has been denied bail and is currently being held in Fayette County jail. This arrest comes two weeks after Ross was arrested on a misdemeanour marijuana possession charge in Georgia, after which he was quickly released.

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