Robert Smith Reveals Three New Cure Albums In The Works

The Cure frontman Robert Smith has taken to his official website to clear up comments he made over the weekend to Britain’s XFM, in which he labelled the band’s forthcoming album, 4:14 Scream, “a bit of a sore point.” In the missive, Smith reveals that three Cure albums are in the works.

Speaking to XFM after a concert at the Royal Albert Hall, Smith explained that 4:14 Scream, a tentatively titled companion to 2008’s 4:13 Dream, is “an album that was made by a band that no longer exists,” which has given him reservations over whether or not to release the album.

Now, in a post titled As Clearly and Succinctly as I Can, Smith has offered fans a timeline of events, beginning with the recording sessions that led to 4:13 Dream. The sessions yielded 33 tracks, with the band intending to release a 26-track double album, featuring 13 tracks on each disc.

“13 songs on each disc, most with words and vocals, but a few with words and no vocals (IE. ‘instrumentals with words’…!),” writes Smith. However, towards the end of the project, decreasing “energy and conviction” and mounting label pressures saw Smith abandon the double LP plan.

Thirteen of the songs from these original sessions would go on to become 4:13 Dream. While working on the band’s 2008 Live in Paris concert film, Smith revisited the unreleased recordings and “started writing new words… and I began thinking of ways to finish off the project to my satisfaction.”

Smith now hopes that “in the next month or three,” he’ll be able to reveal two limited-edition albums containing some 26 previously unreleased songs. First, the 4:26 Dream double album featuring 26 remixed songs from the original sessions with the band’s old lineup, including instrumentals.

Second would be 4:14 Scream, a 14-track record that will include some of the tracks from the double album, “but these 4:14 Scream versions will all have words and vocals.” In addition to this, Smith is also currently working on entirely new material with the new Cure lineup.

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