Rolling Stone Readers’ Worst Acts Of The ’90s Include Creed, Hanson And…Nirvana?

Today, Rolling Stone have released their latest readers’ poll for the The Ten Worst Bands of the Nineties. Most of those included in the list are arguably worthy of the title but there’s one addition that might make you choke on your midday coffee. The iconic Nirvana have somehow been involved in the final results, ranking #5, just one place below Hanson.

The editors of the article admit they were stunned themselves, and surely weighed up the consequences of meddling with the democratic process in order to keep the band out of the list. Nirvana at “beat” outfits such as Hootie and the Blowfish, Bush, Spin Doctors, Ace Of Base and the dreaded Dave Matthews Band to sit comfortably in the middle of the top 10.

Once you push through the fact Nirvana is there, the remaining bands are sure to bring back shameful, cringe-worthy memories of the much younger you. Limp Bizkit come in at #3, Nickleback at #2 and Creed at #1.

There’s not a person here who can say they didn’t, at one point on their lives, like at least 1 of these top 10, and dress accordingly. Unless you were too young, or not born, in which case stop making us feel old, whippersnappers!

Rolling Stone Readers Poll – Ten Worst Bands Of The Nineties

1. Creed

2. Nickleback

3. Limp Bizkit

4. Hanson

5. Nirvana

6. Hootie And The Blowfish

7. Bush

8. Spin Doctors

9. Ace Of Base

10. Dave Matthews Band

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