Röyksopp Heading To Australia In 2011?

It is, frankly, rather ridiculous that Norwegian electro/dance auteurs Röyksopp are yet to make their touring bow in Australia.

However, according to InTheMix and several other eager web outlets, the long wait might just be over. The duo, recently talking with Dazed magazine, hinted at a trip to the Southern Hemisphere in saying they hope to “visit the Aussies in autumn” spliced between dates in Europe and North America. Of course, that means the European autumn, which is the Australian spring, which makes them possibles for several festivals.

There is inevitably a Facebook group where you can join to encourage the Tromso two to get themselves over to Australia, which can be found here. In the same Dazed interview they also discuss a retrospective film about the band to be shown at the British Film Institute.

The critically adored Royksopp, made up of Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland, put out their last album in 2010 with Senior, an entirely instrumental effort. Let us, however, revisit the song that arguably first cast them as new heavyweights on the electropop scene in 2001 (helped by being used in a T-Mobile campaign in the UK):

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