Rusko Thinks Deadmau5 Is A C**t

Rowdy DJ and Party Animal Rusko has reiterated his disdain for EDM counterpart Deadmau5 in a recent interview with DJ Mag. According to In The Mix, the issue dates back to 2010 over an incident where Deadmau5, real name Joel Zimmerman, took offense to Rusko, real name Christopher Mercer, smoking a joint backstage.

“People have tried to reconcile us… I’m like, ‘Don’t bring that c**t near me.’,” Rusko told DJ Mag, “It’s still very much on. We haven’t really been in the same room since it happened, until we are put in the same room by accident or whatever, who knows? He might be chilled out; it’s still on for me. Once I hate someone, I hate ’em forever.”

“He did definitely try to shop me to security – what a dick!… The funny thing was we were in Colorado, which is a legal state. I was outside, with a medical marijuana license in my fucking wallet… Have you ever been to the backstage area of a gig before? They all smell like weed!”

Rusko and Deadmau5 definitely have opposing views when it comes to the matter of ‘illicit’ substances. During an interview with Q Uncut, Deadmau5, who earlier this year publicly berated Madonna for an apparent reference to MDMA, expressed concern for fans who induce drugs at his shows.

“I’m wearing this mouse head and I’m watching kids get carried out my paramedics over the front rail while I’m playing. Sometimes I just want to stop the show. It’s not cool to me. It upsets me,”Deadmau5 said.

In contrast, Rusko actively engages his audience via a shared appreciation for pills, weed, alcohol and other conscious-altering drugs.

“I always make sure that everyone’s been getting fucked before I get on the stage… I get a little show of hands for who’s been taking pills, who’s been doing MDMA, who’s been smoking weed. I let them know what I’ve been doing too. Always on the level,” Rusko explains.

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