Meanjin's indie/ alt-rock artist SAMMM, released a new single ‘Whatever You Like’ on Thursday, 18th April.
Photo by Phoebe Faye.

SAMMM Releases New Single ‘Whatever You Like’

Meanjin’s indie/ alt-rock artist SAMMM, released a new single ‘Whatever You Like’ on Thursday, 18th April. The artist is in his late twenties and has definitely made a big name in the Meanjin’s music industry. The song ‘Whatever You Like’ is about maintaining the work-life balance of an adult. 

“I wrote ‘Whatever You Like’ to put together all my feelings about being inadequate as an adult and to then throw those feelings away. I think everyone knows how it feels to be pretending you know what you’re doing – or feel like you’re one of those “late 20s teenagers,” states Samuel. Geddes(SAMMM).”There’s a point in your twenties when you realize everyone is pretending to be adults and not many people have it all figured out.”

“Whatever You Like” – SAMMM

The music video was directed by Phoebe Faye. “In the early idea stage Sam talked a lot about how ‘Whatever You Like’ was about breaking patterns and escaping a monotonous life – it made me think a lot about the images of Japanese Salarymen asleep on trains and sidewalks in their suits,” said Faye. 

SAMMM in his song ‘Whatever You Like’ has tried to portray how society forces adults to make the right decision, but the artist says what is the point of any of that if one is not enjoying what they are doing in life. The song is made up of certain anxious tensions after which the need to be carefree is polarized. 

“It’s an emotional journey for any viewer, but also a warning that though everything may seem fine, we never really know what’s going on with those around us.” says Blunt Mag about the artist. 

You can stream the latest single “Whatever You Like ” here.

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