A Seattle Metal Band Are Performing In The World’s Biggest Maze

Seattle drone metal outfit Sunn O))) have announced that they’ll play a show inside the Labirinto Della Masone as part of their upcoming European tour.

Holding the title for the world’s largest labyrinth, the Labinto Della Masone is located in Parma, Italy and contains a Catholic church, a library and a museum within its walls.

It’s yet to be announced where within the maze that Sunn O))) will play, but the maze is sure to create an epic atmosphere for the band’s intense metal vibes.

Regardless of whether this is the best idea ever or the stupidest venue ever to hold a gig – imagining fans getting lost in the maze as they listen to a band sing about their impending doom is hugely amusing.

Listen: Sunn O))) –  It Took The Night To Believe

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