Second Sydney Big Day Out Looking Doubtful In 2013

It’s looking as though Big Day Out top dogs won’t be considering a second date of the event in Sydney like in previous years, despite a massive public push for the 2nd Sydney date to happen.

Speaking to TMN, BDO Director of Marketing Johanna Greenway has stated that a second date is “highly, highly unlikely due to a tight schedule, despite an anticipated quick sell-out.”

Update 16/07/2012: Big DayOut 2013 lineup is here!

The news isn’t really a surprise after it came to light that BDO, following a dismal 20th year, will be downsizing and trimming the fat in an attempt to refresh the franchise. In previous years, the 2nd day has been hit and miss, with acts such as Metallica failing to sell it out, though Muse managed to. That said, it would be a bit of a financial Russian roulette to continue with the two-day extravaganza.

Another point of difference this time round will be the first round of ticket sales being only available through General Pants Co. retail outlets. While that set up won’t be as convenient as purchasing your tickets online, it will put a much more human feel to the whole ordeal. And we agree with TMN when they say it is also a lot more of a romantic affair camping outdoors over night in order to grab your tickets.

The lineup is expected to drop this coming Sunday, miles earlier than previous years, but you don’t see us complaining. It’s surely going to be a huge list of bands, given the current hot rumours that have been flying around.

Check out the latest addition to the Hitler’s Downfall meme, this one is a rough reenactment of the conversation that went down in the BDO war room as they considered a second date. Worth it for the lol’s.

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