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Seekae Have Remixed The Sounds Of The Sydney Opera House

Sydney’s beloved Seekae have put their sampling skills to the test by remixing the various building-y sounds of the Sydney Opera House into a fully-fledged track. Fellow artists Charles Murdoch and Victoria Kim have also released their own unique remixes.

Organised by Fact, the Sounds of the Sydney Opera House: Remixed tracks (below) have been put together to mark the opening of this year’s Vivid Sydney festival.

Each of the below tracks is composed of field recordings captured in and around the Opera House, including the sounds of ballet dancers’ feet and hot water pumps. The sounds were captured by Seekae’s George Nicholas.

“Recording at the Sydney Opera House was great,” Nicholas has said. “I barely stopped the recorder all day as there was a constant stream of bizarre noises. I went in there thinking I would mostly focus on the sounds of performers in the halls and rehearsal rooms but I ended up spending most of my time in the vast labyrinth of concrete rooms underneath the house.”

Seekae and Charles Murdoch will play FCX: 10 Years of Future Classic as part of Vivid LIVE 2015 this Friday and Saturday. Victoria Kim play RBMA presents Goodgod Minceteria! this Friday. Vivid Sydney 2015 runs until 8th June.

Listen: Sounds of the Sydney Opera House: Remixed

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