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Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones Admits He Prefers Steely Dan To Punk Rock

As a noted fictional lawyer once said, “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” As far as punk fans are concerned, that might now be the case for Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones, who has come clean about his affection for jazz-rockers Steely Dan.

Currently on the press trail for the new Danny Boyle-directed series Pistol, Jones has opened up about a number of topics. As Consequence Of Sound points out, a pair of recent interviews indicate the guitarist’s musical preferences have changed over the last few decades.

Speaking to The Telegraph last week, Jones explained that he doesn’t particularly care for his own pioneering group’s oeuvre. “I never really listen to the Pistols’ music anymore,” Jones said. “I’m fucking tired of it, to be honest with you. I’d rather listen to Steely Dan.”

A few days later, Jones was again asked about the Sex Pistols’ work, this time by The Associated Press. The journalist inquired about the band’s track “God Save The Queen” and its renewed salience given the upcoming Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

Jones remarked that while the Sex Pistols’ filth and fury had its time, he’s somewhat mellowed in the years since. “I don’t particularly listen to punk rock anymore,” he said. “My musical tastes have changed a lot over the years, you know, and I’m 66 years old. I’m not a kid anymore. I think it would be a bit silly if I was still flying that flag.”

He added, “I like Steely Dan. Is that bad?”

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