Sexual Acts Cause Outrage At New Zealand Pretty Ricky Concert

A performance by US hip hop outfit Pretty Ricky has caused controversy, with concertgoers in New Zealand reportedly demanding refunds after watching the group take part in what one witness has called a “live sex show” during their set.

As Fairfax Media reports, up to 100 people were at the Pretty Ricky gig in Christchurch on Saturday, 29th August, when a woman was selected from the crowd to receive a lap-dance from two Pretty Ricky members.

Abby Suszko, who was reportedly in the front row during the concert, says the woman sat on a chair and was told to “uncross her fucking legs” by a band member.

“Grotesque movements” allegedly followed, as it looked like the band member was performing a sex act on the woman. Ms Suszko and her friends left the show, saying the incident was “degrading” to women.

Matiu Workman, who was also in the front row, says the first lap dance was “a bit clumsy, a little bit funny and everybody laughed”, but the second lap-dance made him feel “a little uncomfortable”.

“We felt revolted and disgusted,” Mr Workman says, adding that the crowd were treated to what he calls a “live sex show”.

“As a male, I felt pretty embarrassed. We are in the 21st century for goodness sakes and we are still promoting this hypersexualisation.”

An image of the incident (below) has been uploaded to Instagram, with Pretty Ricky member Spectacular re-sharing the photo on his personal Instagram account with the caption, “That moment when your fan realize shit just got real. #LapDance #PrettyRickyNewZealandTour.”

The event’s ticket seller, Sam King, says there was “absolutely no sex act at all”. “[The band] do it at every single show. If you listen to the song Grind On Me, it is a song about grinding with each other,” he says.

The woman selected to go on stage with the Pretty Ricky crew is a friend of Mr King’s, and had won a meet and greet with the band. Mr King says that he pointed out the woman to the band when they asked for a volunteer, so that she would be chosen.

“She even wanted to give them a lapdance so I do not see how it is a lewd act when both parties are consenting to it and both are having a fun time,” King says.

“It was an R18 show and was Pretty Ricky, who are world known for their lap dances & music.”

Catch photos taken at Pretty Ricky’s recent Christchurch concert, below.

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