Image for Shapeshifter Rescheduled Sydney Show November 13

Shapeshifter Rescheduled Sydney Show November 13

Written by Daniel Clarke on September 21, 2009

They say what goes on tour stays on tour, but sometimes things have to be shared. Halfway through their annual tour of Australia, Shapeshifter had to reformat as their drummer perforated his eardrum. Punters were treated to a special ‘Shapeshifter Soundsystem’ show on Saturday night in Sydney, but for those hanging out for the full Shapeshifter live experience, fear not!

The crew will be back on November 13 for a rescheduled show. Tickets from last Saturday’s ‘remix’ show will be valid for the rescheduled show on November 13. Those who missed out the first time around will be able to buy tickets from Sunday September 20.

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