Sia Out Of Retirement, Recording New Album, Say Producers Diplo And Greg Kurstin

Adelaide pop export Sia is recording a new album, say producers Diplo and Greg Kurstin, despite the singer’s announcement last year that she had gone into semi-retirement after releasing 5 studio albums, including the 2010 smash We Are Born.

Los Angeles-based producer and songwriter Diplo, the man behind Major Lazer, told Rolling Stone, “I have a lot of production that’s about to come out. Everything from Tinie Tempah to Chris Brown to Sia. I have a lot of records coming out.” Greg Kurstin, who has produced albums for Devo, The Shins and Tegan and Sara, also confirmed that the Aussie songstress is back in the studio for album number 6, saying, “We’re making an album. I know she said she was semi-retired, but we’re doing an album. I’m producing it and it’s really fun. She’s awesome.”

In February 2012 Sia announced that she was quitting the music business due to the gruelling demands of fame. However, in a Twitter conversation with Perez Hilton last September, she said that she would be releasing 3 new albums, although she specifically stated that she would not be touring or promoting them.

Those hanging for a taster of the quirky vocalist’s new tunes will have to get their hands on The Great Gatsby soundtrack – it features a new Sia track entitled Kill And Run.

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