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Sigur Rós Ace Margaret Court, Announce Marriage Equality Fundraiser At Her Arena

Sigur Rós have weighed in on the recent stink surrounding Aussie tennis veteran Margaret Court and her controversial views on same-sex marriage.

Serving up an impassioned statement about their forthcoming Splendour In the Grass sideshow at the Melbourne arena that bears Court’s name, the Icelandic trio have announced plans to ~ace~ the grand slam veteran with a night celebrating “positivity and inclusion” to raise funds supporting Australian marriage equality.

“Our fans and friends have made us aware of recent comments by Margaret Court regarding her opposition to Qantas’s support of same sex marriage in Australia, and her wider views on race and sexuality,” the post-rockers say.

“Iceland is a country where same sex partnerships have been recognised since 1996, and where same sex couples have enjoyed the same adoption rights as straight couples since 2006.

“Same sex marriages were unanimously approved in our parliament in 2010 (our then prime minister, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, was the world’s first openly gay PM, and one of the very first Icelanders to be married under this legislation). We are also happy to say that since 2008 the Church of Iceland, and all other religions, were officially granted permission to bless same sex unions.”

The fellas then announced plans to school the homophobic tennis high-scorer on the meaning of the word “love” (seewhatwedidthere?)

“We know Margaret Court’s opinions are not shared by the majority of Australians,” Sigur Rós continue.

“We want to add our voice to the call for marriage equality in Australia —right here on Margaret Court Arena itself. Australia should be a country that celebrates positivity and inclusion, as well as achievement on the sporting field.

“We’ve decided to commission a special tee-shirt for this Melbourne show, which we’ll also sell at our Sydney show and at Splendour in The Grass, proceeds from which will go towards support of Australian Marriage Equality.

“Let’s make July 27th Margaret Court Arena’s most inclusive night ever and call for every Australian to have the same dignity and respect right here on centre court.”

Advantage: Sigur Rós.

In related news, beloved Aussie pop diva Tina Arena recently hosed down suggestions that the Margaret Court Arena should be renamed ‘Tina Arena Arena’, arguing that “it doesn’t have the right ring to it”.

For details of Sigur Rós’ Splendour sideshows, head here.

UPDATE 12/07/17: Sigur Ros have unveiled the official designs for their marriage equality fundraiser merch.

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