Did ‘The Simpsons’ Predict Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Performance Years Ago?

We already knew about the scarily accurate powers the writers of the world’s longest running cartoon series The Simpsons have when it comes to predicting some of the world’s most high profile events, and now it appears they’ve got another one right predicting Lady Gaga‘s Super Bowl half time show today.

From video phones to real life ‘Duff’ beer, to Donald Trump becoming President of the United States – The Simpsons predicted it all.

You may not have seen this one, given it happened well after the classic seasons – but in Season 23 an episode aired titled ‘Lisa Goes Gaga’. Sure, the chances of Gaga one day performing at the Super Bowl was probably a safe bet, but what’s eerie is just how similar the performance was to how she was portrayed in the 2012 cartoon episode.

During Gaga’s performance on The Simpsons, she flies through the air on a harness in a strikingly similar way to how she flew around the NRG Stadium in Texas (obviously minus the flaming boob cannons).

The similarity wasn’t lost on twitter, with several people pointing it out via a series of images comparing the two performances.

Check out a short clip from The Simpsons’ episode, below.

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