Sky Ferreira Live In Sydney, 2014 / Photo: Yael Stempler

Sky Ferreira Says She Is Finally Releasing New Music This Month

It’s been a long six years since Sky Ferreira‘s stunning debut album Night Time, My Time, but now she’s promised that she’ll finally be releasing some sort of follow up this month.

She took to Twitter to say that she’ll be releasing music sometime this month, followed by a sneaky “for real.”

She also said the single she’s releasing isn’t going to be a pop song, as she’s happy with the other pop songs on the album and wanted to lead with something different.

People have been on Ferreira for a new album for years now. Back in 2016, she had to call out behaviour from fans online, saying that “bullying (her) on the internet or whatever will not make the process faster.”

The last time Ferreira was in Australia was back in 2014, when she played Splendour In The Grass.

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