SLAM Returns In 2013

National SLAM Day (Save Live Australian Music) is set to return to Australia early next year. Now in its third year of operation, the celebration of live music is glad to announce that it will return on 23rd February next year. It stems from the 2010 rally, which was the largest cultural protest in Australia’s history, with an estimated 20,000 individuals marching to support live music.

So to show your support for SLAM and Australian music itself, organisers behind the national event are asking for your help. Hold a SLAM gig in your country town, local community hall, or maybe even your backyard. With an estimated 150 gigs held earlier this year, some organisers are hoping to crack the 200 figure. With registration now open, it’s becoming hard to find an excuse as to why you wouldn’t register.

Over the past year, Australian music has become the forefront of groundbreaking new music. NME dubbed our local music scene in Oz right now as “easily the most exciting in the world”, and justifiably so. With the likes of Tame Impala, Flume, San Cisco, Gotye and Pond leading the way, you’d struggle to find a legitimate reason to complain.

So sign up, register and promote your own SLAM Gig come February 23rd to help support the most exciting music scene in the world, which for some reason is still under threat from the Government. Get behind this great cause, because we sure will.

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