Corey Taylor Performs With Slipknot @ Soundwave 2015, Melbourne / Photo: Brett Schewitz

Slipknot Are “Pretty Positive” They’ll Expand Knotfest To Australia

You may wanna act like a Spit It Out moshpit and ~sit the fuck down~ for this one Maggots, because this news is biiiiig.

We’re assuming you’re all familiar with Knotfest, right? The monster heavy metal festival spawned in the bowls of Iowa by Slipknot themselves? Well, it turns out The Nine are pretty keen to expand it to Australia at some point soon.

“I’m pretty positive we will,” custom percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan tells Music Feeds. “It’s a small thing, the world needs to know that [Knotfest is] a destination spot. We don’t want to just take it out on the road, we won’t want to make a proper tour of it right now. Maybe a long time from now that might be something but right now it’s a destination spot.”

The contemplation of Knotfest Down Under comes after the Masked Ones successfully expanded the heavy metal bash to Japan – a mere geographical stone’s throw from Australia – back in 2014, and they’ve been chucking it on annually there ever since.

“Part of the reason why it’s working is because we’re taking our time,” Clown explains. “We have a promoter over in Japan who wanted it, they really, really, really wanted Knotfest. So we spent a couple of years working on it. We went over there and did two shows and it was incredible so we came back.”

He continues: “It’s a lot of people involved – of course the band members want to go there, we know the fans want it to go there but it takes a promoter, it takes a facility, it takes the right weekend – it takes the right everything.

“The good news is we’re on our third year, we’ve done a couple of Japan and things are rocking. Australia is another home to us, as is South America, as is Europe, so i imagine this trip to Australia will really determine whether we could get something like Knotfest down there.”

And by “this trip to Australia” Clown is of course referring to The Knot’s imminent Aussie headlining tour with Lamb Of God.

So devil horns crossed that it’s all smooth sailing for Slipknot once they return to scope out the specs this October, and maybe next time we see them perform on our turf it’ll be at the inaugural Aussie Knotfest atop a godzilla bill of metal acts that puts all of our Soundwave memories to shame.

But if you’re too impatient to wait that long, you can always splash out for a ticket to the 2016 instalments of Knotfest Japan, Mexico or the inaugural “Ozzfest Meets Knotfest”, a mutant super-festival spliced with the DNA of Ozzy Osbourne’s own festival namesake.

Take a geez at the calibre of bands on these bills below and just try not to push your fingers into your eyes.

Also, stay tuned for our full chat with Clown, coming soon.


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