Smash Mouth Singer Flipped Out & Tried To Fight Fans After Being Pelted With Bread

Remember Smash Mouth? They’re still a thing. And it seems lead singer Steve Harwell may no longer be the sharpest tool in the shed. He was looking kinda dumb trying to fight a crowd of fans who were pelting his band with hunks of bread.

As Consequence Of Sound reports, fans who attended the Taste of Fort Collins street festival in Colorado felt the wrath of the Smash Mouth, after unleashing a fury of yeast in their general direction.

Apparently, at this particular festival, loaves of bread are given out to attendees as party favours, because why not? And since nobody’s about to consume an entire loaf in one sitting, what better way to rid yourself of the excess carbs than by hurling them at the world’s suckiest rock band.

Needless to say, the Walkin On The Sun tunesmiths did not take kindly to being treated like a flock of gluttonous pigeons.

Irate frontman Harwell unleashed a sweary tirade in which he called fans “a bunch of pussy bitches”, and threatened violence upon them, vowing “If you’re man enough to throw something at me I’m going to walk out there and beat the fucking shit out of you”.

Apparently, all of this went down while the band were attempting to perform their hit single All Star, and Harwell had to be restrained by security as he attempted to fight the entire crowd.

No word yet if any members of Smash Mouth’s arch rivals, Third Eye Blind, were in the crowd, instigating the carb assault. Though, it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

Smash Mouth’s set was ultimately cancelled. C’mon guys, Why Can’t We Be Friends?

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