Photo: Orlando Police / Twitter

Snapchat Captures The Early Moments Of Orlando Nightclub Shooting

A Snapchat story that captured the early, spine-tingling moments of Orlando’s tragic nightclub shooting this past weekend has emerged online.

The number of fatalities from the shooting is confirmed to be 49 – the worst mass shooting in modern American history – and now footage has emerged from inside the nightclub in the moments leading up to the gunman starting to open fire.

Brian Alvear has posted the Snapchat story, taken by his sister Amanda who tragically has been confirmed as one of those who lost their lives that night. The video shows 25-year old Amanda dancing with friends inside the LGBTI-friendly Pulse Nightclub, before the sound of multiple loud gunshots cut the video short.

Brian posted a status update alongside the video, confirming “Yes, this is Amanda. She was creating a Snapchat story though the night. This is the last time anyone saw her. After this, she did receive and answer one call.”

Warning, the content on the video may be disturbing to some.

While Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack, US law enforcement are yet to uncover any formal links that the shooter Omar Mateen was in fact directed by ISIS.

President Barack Obama, who has been in office for seven out of the top 10 worst mass shootings in American history has also spoken out once again in support of stricter gun control measures, reminding the American people how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a powerful assault rifle.

Vigils have also been held in Australia for the families of the victims, with the Sydney Harbour bridge lit up in rainbow colours and town hall being coloured pink on Monday night, while 400 people turned out for a candlelit vigil in Newtown.

Fitzroy in Melbourne saw approximately 500 people turn out for 50 seconds of silence, one for each victim, while the Melbourne town hall was also bathed in rainbow colours.


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