Snoop Lion’s ‘Reincarnated’ Details Are Something To Smoke About

If you’re finding yourself digging all the latest from Snoop Lion but you’re over the bits and pieces we’ve been drip-fed so far then you can chill – all the details on the upcoming full-length Reincarnated have just come through, with a release date, guest artists, album cover AND track list being provided.

Reincarnated is going to be perfect to soundtrack all your future seshes from Tuesday, 26th April and, if you haven’t put it together yourself, Reincarnated is going to be a reggae-heavy release from Snoop, who’s adapted very well to his new surroundings, judging by what we’ve heard so far.

As Hip Hop N More have pointed out, Snoop has pulled in some serious favours for the album which features parts from Drake, Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, T.I., Akon, Rita Ora, Mavado and Popcaan.

Today we have been handed the tightly rolled album art and a chronic track list spun just perfectly with the aforementioned guest artists. Lol one track is even called Smoke The Weed – how cryptic.

The whole evolution of Snoop was documented and will be showcased in an accompanying documentary, also called Reincarnated, which apparently hit cinemas last week.

Snoop Lion – Reincarnated Track List

1. Rebel Way

2. Here Comes the King (Feat. Angela Hunte)

3. Lighters Up (Feat. Mavado & Popcaan)

4. So Long (Feat. Angela Hunte)

5. Get Away (Feat. Angela Hunte)

6. No Guns Allowed (Feat Drake & Cori B)

7. Fruit Juice (Feat. Mr. Vegas)

8. Smoke the Weed (Feat. Collie Budz)

9. Tired of Running (Feat. Akon)

10. The Good Good (Feat. Iza)

11. Torn Apart (Feat. Rita Ora)

12. Ashtrays & Heartbreaks (Feat. Miley Cyrus)

13. Boulevard (Feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore)

14. Remedy (Feat. Busta Rhymes & Chris Brown)

15. La La La

16. Harder Times (Feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore)


Listen: Snoop Lion feat. Drake & Cori B – No Guns Allowed:

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