Some Genius Has Mashed Up Chance The Rapper & Childish Gambino So We Can Pretend They Collaborated

Chance The Rapper and Childish Gambino have been teasing a collaboration for a little while now and it seems some internet genius got sick of waiting because they’ve melded them together themselves.

YouTuber oneboredjeu has sliced together Chance The Rapper’s ‘Angels’ and Childish Gambino’s ‘Terrified’ and it sounds like it was meant to be.

It’s an effortless mash-up that only makes us more excited for a collaboration soon, their first since 2013’s ‘The Worst Guys’ and ‘Favourite Song’.

Chance and Childish have been in the studio together “working together” but at last update they didn’t have anything ready to go straight away.

Both are extremely busy. Chance is still on his never-ending world tour and Childish is due to play Simba in the Lion King reboot and Young Lando in a forthcoming Star Wars.

Who knows, the collaboration may never come to fruition so at least we have this mashup for the time being.

Listen: ‘Terrified Angels’ – Childish Gambino vs. Chance The Rapper feat. Saba (Mashup)

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