Someone Made A Cooked Parody Trailer For Triple M’s ‘Ozzest 100’

UPDATE: The ABC Responds To Triple M’s ‘Ozzest 100’ With Its Own Parody Video

ORIGINAL STORY: Triple M‘s decision to hold its own Hottest 100-style countdown on Australia Day has spawned a pretty bonkers parody trailer in the name of the first-ever ‘Ozzest 100’.

With the station now set to count down the Aussiest of Aussie songs on 26th January after mocking triple j for moving its Hottest 100 away from Australia Day, Aussie comedy group Number One Friembs have put together a parody trailer for Triple M‘s big countdown.

Poking fun at Triple M‘s claim that most of the Hottest 100 is made by “hipsters or kids making music on a Mac”, the trailer jokes that the ‘Ozzest 100’ will be held on Manus Island, with “special guest DJs” Peter Dutton, Pauline Hanson and The Footy Show‘s Sam Newman in blackface.

“Here at Triple M, we know that fair dinkum Aussies love these three Australia Day traditions,” the clip’s voiceover says.

“Chucking a snag on the barbie, sinking a few tinnies with the lads and ignoring the systemic and sustained cultural genocide of the Indigenous peoples of Australia.”

The video (which you can watch below) comes after artists such as A.B. Original criticised Triple M‘s decision to hold the ‘Ozzest 100’ on Australia Day, which led Triple M to release a statement in response to the controversy.

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