Something For Kate Are Back With Stunning New Track ‘Situation Room’

Something For Kate are making their grand return to help you out of your isolation blues, with the release of their first new music in eight years ‘Situation Room’.

It is a bloody stunning return to form to say the very least, and seems bitingly appropriate for what the world is currently undergoing.

“You hear the first line and you know what’s coming next,” said frontman Paul Dempsey in a statement.

“…that the person is illustrating all these ways how they have total control and can predict any outcome, but there’s one person they can’t get certainty over and grasp.”

The video for the song also dropped, and is directed by longtime collaborator Morgan Christie. In fact, the video marks the 20th anniversary of Christie and the band’s first collaboration – ‘The Astronaut’ in 2000.

“‘Situation Room’ was another one of those incredible video experiences where everyone on the tiny team just threw themselves at the work and invested all of their trust in the creative spirit of the thing,” Christie said in a statement to Music Feeds.

“It definitely wasn’t the easiest time to be making an international video given the current state of things, but we’ve worked together so many times over the years and formed the kind of relationship I think where we just get it done irrespective of whatever the world might throw at us and it’s often in those choppy waters we find the best ideas.”

Watch the video for ‘Situation Room’ below.

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