Sony Are Reviving The Walkman To Celebrate Its 40th Birthday

The Walkman is turning the big 4-0, and to celebrate, OG innovators Sony are releasing two upgraded models of the iconic portable cassette player.

Obviously since cassettes are no longer really a thing, the revived Sony NW-A 100TPS and lower-end Sony NW-A105 models come packing the appropriate hardware upgrades, with both running an Androis OS and featuring an S-Master HX digital amplifier for A+ quality audio.

As GQ reports, there’s also a DSEE HX processor to polish compressed audio, a vinyl processor for those craving a more vintage sound, a USB-C charging port, Bluetooth features, an expandable 16GB storage capacity and a 3.6” touch panel.

So, you know, just a few minor tweaks.

The NW-A 100TPS also comes flaunting a 40th anniversary logo, a retro cassette tape interface, plus a special case and packaging similar to the original Walkman.

But it ain’t cheap – reportedly set to retail for around AUD $599.

The NW-A105 will reportedly come at a slightly cheaper price tag, but without all the fancy anniversary embellishments.

Regardless of whether or not you’re keen to get your hands on some slightly spenno nostalgic tech, it’s nuts to think about the way music consumption has changed since the advent of the humble Sony Walkman — bulky and cumbersome fucker that it was — revolutionised the listening experience for us all, redefining it as something both private and portable.

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