Soundtrack Your Funeral With Vinyl Made From Your Cremains

To some it might seem fairly morbid, but this may be the ultimate way for music fans to give friends and family one final “cya’z later!” – a company has incorporated recent advancements in 3D printing to deliver a service that will convert your cremated ashes into a fully-functional vinyl record. Yes, this is a real thing.

And Vinyly first started back in 2009 under the guidance of British entrepreneur Jason Leach, and has now grown into a seemingly legit business. In 2013, the company offers an array of services, each more macabre than the last. For a small fee of just under AU$5000, And Vinyly will take your ashes and press them into a record. You can have any track pressed, be it your own personal theme music or perhaps even your ghostly voice gently chiding your relatives as you read out your will.

Of course, this is vinyl we’re talking about so cover art is critical. For additional charges, you can get your own sleeve designed by either National Portrait Gallery painter James Hague or street artist Paul Insect. We also understand that there is a distribution option available, should you think the unwashed masses will be interested in your death knell. You can even have the whole process done to the remains of your beloved family pet.

Out of the reported “hundreds” of enquiries Leach has received, the company has only so far serviced 4 clients. One particular case saw a DJ literally on the decks at his favourite club, as per his final request, and another saw Amsterdam artist Francesca Grilli rendered into a classical piece which was composed just for her own death.

Many of you are probably considering using this service as you read, but before you hit your music collection to find the perfect track, consider that the record can only run for 24 minutes ( 12 minutes a side) so we would encourage you to choose carefully, as it will be very, very difficult to change your mind.

(Via Tone Deaf)

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