Soundwave Revolution Wanted Aerosmith But Poor Ticket Sales To Blame?

After yesterday’s news about the cancellation of Soundwave Revolution, and with the reason being because a certain co-headlining band pulled out at the last minute, it begs the question, who was this mysterious band that was so big they could bring down an entire music festival?

Triple M music reporter Nui Te Koha revealed on Melbourne’s Hot Breakfast this morning that it was Aerosmith that was slotted in to be the second headliner after Van Halen. Nui also went on to reveal ticket sales were down, and that was ultimately the reason why the festival was cancelled.

“The organisers were saying they were waiting for a number 2 headliner, but the fact of the matter was ticket sales were lagging.”

Soundwave organisers are currently putting together packages and mini-festivals, which may include “punk only” and “metal only” type line-ups, with the remaining bands that are willing to come out to Australia. So far it looks like Van Halen will not be coming, while Alice Cooper seems pretty keen to come out to our shores and “scare the pants off of all our Aussie Sickies”.

Promoter AJ Maddah also tweeted that some bands might be shuffled on to the Soundwave 2012 line up, with Devin Townsend being suggested as one of those acts.

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