Spacey Jane Postpone Brisbane Shows Again, “It’s A Shame We’re Not A Footy Team”

Perth band Spacey Jane were slated to play their already-rescheduled Brissie shows this weekend but were forced to postpone at the last minute.

After a COVID-19 outbreak in Western Australia, travellers in Queensland were required to follow the three-day lockdown, announced Friday night.

The band took to social media yesterday to tell fans the shows had been postponed.

“Brisbane friends, we’re so sorry this news is breaking so close to the show times – we’d been hopeful & waiting to hear from QLD Health but they only reached a decision ten minutes ago,” they wrote.

Elaborating via Instagram stories, Spacey Jane’s drummer Kieran Lama said they reacted to the news immediately.

“We were really hopeful that they’d give us an out. The way that they do with – I don’t know – footy players from places in hotspots. But we weren’t so lucky.”

They went to a hospital to get tested, before waiting at the hotel for their results.

“We even had a guy come to our hotel at like 11 to give us a rapid test,” said Lama. “Just like other essential workers or people in sporting industries have had to do before — because it was time-sensitive.”

They each received negative test results late Saturday morning.

“With that in mind, we had full confidence that Queensland Health would provide us with an exemption if we could establish a travel bubble,” explained Lama.

He said it’d involve creating a bubble so the band only interacted with the crew backstage.

The band was rejected at around 4:30pm on Saturday afternoon.

Spacey Jane have announced the postponed shows will go ahead on Wednesday, 28th April and Thursday, 29th April.

Read their statement in full below.

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