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Splendour Punters Rally En Masse Behind Dude Who Had His Bong Stolen On Day 3

There’s plenty to love about Splendour In The Grass beyond just the bonza music on offer.

Case in point: the outpouring of solidarity that was shown towards a Coolum bloke whose Splendour buzz went ~up in smoke~ after some right douche-canoes pilfered his billy.

Old mate – who shares a hometown with Clive Palmer’s life-size T-Rex sculpture, mind you – triggered a mass groundswell of support after he vented on the festival’s Facey page about the tragic plight that had befallen him on Day 3.

His post, which has so far clocked up over 3.3K likes, reads:

Alright here’s the deal, got full stitched up last night. I was just cookin along, not a problem in the world. Thought I’d head back to camp after flume to hang out with billy Wong, and to my absolute disbelief some full scumbag had come past and nabbed me billy from camp and left me high and dry. Now we’re stuck in the fucking camp site punching cannies. Cheers mate.

Splendour-goers are – generally speaking – a pretty chill folk, but seeing them rise up as one to support this local legend basically proves that bong-thievery is up there with poking someone in the eye with a selfie stick as one of the most cardinal music festival sins.

And while neither Music Feeds nor SITG condones illegal drug use, we can whole-heartedly endorse the mateship and camaraderie that y’all have shown old mate in his time of great need.

Onya Splendour.

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