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A Rare, Majestic Tomato Sauce Bottle Bong Signed By Violent Soho Exists

So, you may have thought you had all the Violent Soho merch you could have? Nup. As it turns out, a rare item exists, potentially a one off at this stage – a tomato sauce bottle bong signed by the band themselves. That said, the band seem ready and willing to put more in the market place.

The collectors item was spotted at, surprise, surprise, Splendour In The Grass this year, which has had a disproportionally large amount of bong-related press even for a festival so close to Nimbin. One particular bong goblin was snapped with the piece, ripping through a rimma’ like it’s nobodies business.

But now it’s all of our business.

You can see the bilson below in action, complete with a triple j brand legionnaires cap, though with a surprising lack of shakkas being thrown. We suppose homeboy needed full concentration.

Violent Soho shared the post themselves, with the caption: “Honestly, any time hey” which we assume has resulted in a torrent of bong rats flogging their household glassie / Powerade bottle at the band to get it signed.

I’m sure there’s a fair few narcs out there who are appalled by the mindless evil of glorifying an illegal substance. May we present you with the power of stoners and the fucks they have to give for that opinion:

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