Spoon Return With New Track ‘I Ain’t The One’

Spoon have been dangling a new track in front of us for some time now, however the world has only just realised that I Ain’t The One is a Spoon song, and it’s looking like the first of many.

It took a social media post from the band, of an image that could work quiet nicely as album art, for our brains to finally click over. After all, we all missed it being played in the background of a hard-hitting montage featured in the latest episode of Shameless. You can check out the scene below.

The track is powered by frontman Britt Daniel’s vocal line, with spurs of sonic bloom peppered throughout. For the most part, the track is an empty but calming affair ticking just about every box that yes, this is a Spoon song.

As per Stereogum, it turns out the track was performed live by Daniel’s and keyboardist Alex Fischel, effectively debuting it in Mexico City. For what its worth, we’re yet to hear it in this stunning, warm studio quality.

Matador Records have also shared the aforementioned potential album art, indicating the bands return to the label since leaving two decades ago.

Watch: Spoon – ‘I Ain’t The One’ (‘Shameless’ montage)

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