Spotify Wants To Torment Your Colleagues With FOMO With Playlists For Your Out Of Office Reply

Receiving an out of office (OOO) reply is mostly annoying, not only because it means you don’t get an immediate response but you’re also left knowing someone is on holiday are you’re not. Spotify want to change all that, or possibly amplify it, by making OOOs fun.

They have unleashed a website that creates a custom playlist to plonk on your OOO so that the person on the receiving end can be transported to your holiday destination with a themed playlist.

Once at the site, you pop in your holiday destination and then choose if it’s for business or pleasure. You’ll then be able to pick the vibe of the trip ranging from relaxation to party.

When you’ve filled out those sections, you’ll be gifted with a custom message to put on your OOO reply that reads something like, “Get a taste of my trip by checking out my Barcelona-inspired playlist here.”

Your colleagues will either love being transported to wherever you are or they’ll despise you for giving them serious FOMO while sitting at a desk. Either way, who cares. You’re on holiday and you’ve also left the world with an excellent OOO. Win-win.


Head here to try out the message.

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