St Kilda Festival’s Future Still Unsure

St. Kilda Festival may have amassed an impressive and varied lineup of musicians and artists for its 2013 instalment, but that doesn’t mean the free event’s financial woes have vanished. As reported back in September, budget concerns have put massive doubt over the festival’s future.

At the time it looked as though St. Kilda Festival might not have even survived into 2013. But now that this year’s edition has been salvaged, event organisers are once again facing an uncertain road ahead.

Festival producer Adele Deniso said that as it currently stands, there’s no telling whether the festival will survive into 2014 and beyond.

“We are back for 2013. The festival will be reviewed after that and the future is anybody’s guess at this stage,” Denison told The Age. “The money conversation is always really tough,” she says. “[It has] always been a really vexed issue and will continue to be.”

As reported by The Age, the free festival attracts a huge attendance, mostly tourists, with 2011’s event amassing a crowd of 420,000.

“The festival Sunday is a huge undertaking and one of Melbourne’s major events. It is really important to the festival and the council to keep it a free event. We want as many people to be able to go as possible,” explained Denison.

St. Kilda Festival 2013 reportedly cost in excess of $1.2 million, with the Port Phillip Council putting up $730,688.

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