Status Quo Singer Washed His Nose Off During $2.5m Coke Habit

It’s hard to imagine but back in the day those adorable old fogies dancing around in the Coles ads, Status Quo, were absolutely out of control. In a recent interview, frontman Francis Rossi has recalled a period of his life where he was racking so much coke that part of his nose fell out. Be warned, kiddies.

During the bands heyday (don’t worry, I wasn’t alive for it either), Rossi found himself blowing $2,000 a week to service his demons, finding himself the victim of too much spare cash:

“I really wish I hadn’t become a coke addict or a drinker. I don’t like either. By about 1972, cheques for 40 grand and 80 grand were coming in all over the place.”

In the years that followed, Rossi went hard, but a worrying side effect of the drug soon took hold:

“From about 1979 to 1987, I did loads of coke. I used to wash my nose out in the shower. One day, a bit of septum fell out – I heard it go down the shower – dunk.”

The deviated septum had left a void in his nose structure, which he once pushed a cotton ball through during a TV interview to demonstrate to “younger people” just how un-groovy a drug addiction really is:

“This is what will happen in the end. You lose your friends, your personality changes and it costs you too much frigging money.”

He wasn’t the only one in the band who had a problem with Charlie. Rhythm guitarist Rick Parfitt also raised hell back in the day, budgeting “at least a million on drugs”. In an interview with the Daily Mail last year, he revealed that he also soon discovered the negative side effects of the drug:

“My kids were frightened of me. I was a maniac. I was mad. I don’t ever remember changing a nappy. And my poor wife at the time, Marietta, divorced me – rightly so.”

Now it seems the band are on the other side of the fence – selling coke. Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Vanilla Coke, as well as other soft drinks at low, low prices. You can chalk another one up on the list of musicians with drug problems bigger than Joel Madden’s.

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