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Steel Panther Are Working On A Comedy Series About Themselves

Prepare your television sets for a shocker, because everyone’s favourite venereal disease-dodging spandex wearers Steel Panther are developing a brand spankin’ new comedy series, all about their favourite thing: themselves.

Now, as all fanthers with an IQ above “Lexxxi Foxx” would be aware, Steel Panther are more than just an in-farkin-sane group of heavy metal musicians. They’re also ridiculously talented comedy actors (what, did you think WWE was real too?).

Their live show is an invariably riff-fuelled LOL-fest, with Lexxxi, Satchel, Stix and Michael Starr never once breaking character as they pump out metal banger after metal banger and fire off zingers at each other with the R-rated improvisational wit of four middle-aged, spray-tanned fuckboi Colin Mochries.

Now, imagine that magic captured in a television series, which chronicles their “sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll-fuelled lives” off stage.

As C21media reports:

“Canadian producer Media Ranch is developing a scripted comedy series about US comedy glam-rock band Steel Panther.

“The project comes out of an exclusive worldwide linear TV and digital rights deal signed by Media Ranch and the band.

“The series, which will be distributed globally by LA-based GRB Entertainment, will follow the sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll-fuelled lives of vocalist Michael Starr, lead guitarist Satchel, drummer Stix Zadinia and bassist Lexxxi Foxx.”

And this ain’t no cheap-ass reality TV show either. Media Ranch have confirmed that the Panthers’ televised adventures are going to be scripted. So think an F-bomb laden version of The Monkees that you wouldn’t want your mum to watch.

“Steel Panther is the perfect band to make the transition to TV. They’re unapologetically and hilariously irreverent. Their popularity transcends all age groups because their music is great. Steel Panther is in a class on its own,” Media Ranch president Sophie Ferron tells C21media.

“They’ve been joined on stage by the likes of Miley Cyrus, Steven Tyler, Kelly Clarkson and many others so you can bet on many cameos by their celebrity friends in our series.”

Yep, get ready people, looks like Steel Panther: The Series is ON like a gangbang at the old folks’ home.

Hopefully it won’t suck (itself).

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