Steve Albini Unimpressed By Odd Future Encounter

Those enfant terribles of hip hop, Odd Future, have been getting up people’s noses again. This time, Tyler, The Creator, Hodgy Beats and friends have managed to disgust none other than Steve Albini, famed rock producer.

Odd Future offended him on a trip to Barcelona in Spain, where Albini was travelling with his band Shellac. Albini had the misfortune of sharing an airport shuttle with the Los Angeles crew, which left a rather bitter aftertaste in Albini’s mouth.

Albini reported his experience on the message board for his Chicago recording studio, Electric Audio, saying that, “They piled onto the shuttle late, after finally getting corralled by their minder, who was nursing a head wound with an ice bag wrapped in a towel. They piled in, niggering everything in sight, motherfucking the driver, boasting into the air unbidden about getting their dicks sucked and calling everyone in the area a faggot.”

Albini added, “I spent about 40 minutes with these little pricks at the end of May and I haven’t wanted to strangle anybody that much in a real long time.”

Albini’s account is well worth a read in its entirety.

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