Sticky Fingers Get Their Power Ranger On For New Video ‘Freddy Crabs’

The Sticky Fingers boys are always getting themselves into trouble, so as crazy as it might seem there’s every chance that the video clip for their new single Freddy Crabs is actually a true story.

It’s not outside the realms of possibility that Sti Fi actually did wake up on a deserted beach after being shipwrecked, only to find themselves battling some creepy, kinda sleazy demon with sexy mermaids waiting in the wings. In fact, as the legend goes, this is the 100% factual series of events that led to band member Freddy Crabs actually joining the band. Talk about baptism of fire.

We won’t lie, things start to look pretty grim for the band as they’re outmatched by the creepy, kinda sleazy demon dude, but rest assured there’s a guitar solo waiting around the corner that manages to save the day.

The track was featured on the bands ARIA-charting release Caress Your Soul, which has managed to produce all sorts of sonic wonders. The lads are currently exposing themselves to the European market but have promised a run of Australian dates to kick off come October, so stay tuned for that.

Watch: Sticky Fingers – Freddy Crabs

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