Sticky Fingers’ Paddy Cornwall Apologises To Triple J For Past “F*cking Maggots” Comments

Sticky Fingers‘ bassist Paddy Cornwall has shared an apology for some combative comments he made about triple j last year.

If you need a quick refresher… Sticky Fingers’ music was quietly blacklisted from the national broadcaster’s airwaves following a number of misconduct allegations that culminated in a trainwreck interview on the j‘s Hack program in 2018, and Cornwell didn’t take kindly to the apparent boycott.

“I got something to say, that no one else has the fucking cojones to say in Australia,” he ranted in a series of videos posted to social media back in May of 2019.

“Triple j, fuck you and your fucking artist repertoire. We don’t fucking need you. We don’t want you because you play your fucking bullshit and you’re a bunch of fucking maggots.”

Cornwall continued at the time: “We’re over here in the UK doing what we fucking do. You can do what you fucking do. Stay in your corner. Stay in your fucking lane.

“…You have not officially blacklisted us. You’ve done nothing, you’ve just backed out like the bunch of fucking sheep you are. So respond — from me, not from Sticky nor the boys, grow some and fucking have it.”

But one year on, the musician appears to be reflecting on those comments with a pang of remorse.

After several StiFi tunes scored spins during triple j‘s #requestival fan programming takeover this past week and three others got voted into the station’s Hottest 100 of the decade — marking the first time the band had appeared on the j-waves since their infamous Hack chat — Cornwall has now officially apologised to triple j for his past sledges.

“I’ve seen a lot of people frustrated by the idea of the band being blacklisted by the station, but we haven’t,” he posted on Instagram.

“Let’s be real. It was my actions last year that ultimately soured the relationship.”

Cornwall continued: “I was outta my head, not dealing with personal battles of my own… I’m sorry to the people I hurt at the station, as well as my own team”.

“I ain’t the same derailed, angry person you saw last year,” he added. “I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’ve been doing a lot better, dealing with my demons. I hope sharing this helps find a resolve on the situation.”

Read his full statement below.


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