Sticky Fingers Going “Bigger” With Huge National Tour In 2017

The release of Sticky Fingers‘ third album is just days away now, and in the lead up to their limited run of national shows this October and November, the band have revealed they’re planning an even bigger tour for early 2017.

Speaking with Music Feeds contributor Sally McMullen, Sti Fi bass player Paddy Cornwall reveals that as well as playing some huge festivals including Beyond The Valley and Southbound over New Year’s, the band will be “back and doing a much bigger Aussie tour in March next year”.

Cornwall also took the opportunity to address the issue of ticket scalpers, some of whom have bought tickets to the band’s upcoming shows and are trying to flog them for well above their value.

“They’re trying to sell tickets for $300,” says Cornwall. “So I guess a way we’re trying to deal with it is to say to the press that we’re not good enough that you should pay $300 for a ticket.

“We just want to reassure people that they shouldn’t indulge scalpers because we’ll be back. This is just a smaller run because it’s all of the time we have right now. So yeah, if you haven’t got a ticket, don’t sweat because we will be back.”

Music Feeds‘ full interview with Paddy Cornwall is coming soon. Sticky Fingers’ third album Westway (The Glitter & The Slums) is out Friday, 30th September.

Watch: Sticky Fingers – ‘Our Town’ 

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